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The new version of Minesweeper is here. Now you can play the most recent online generation of the mythical logic and intelligence game minesweeper created by Robert Donner in 1989, so that you can put all your logic skills to the test from your computer.

Do you like logic and intelligence games? Challenge your mind with the minesweeper pro version of one of the most popular games in video game history.

With our new version of this great logic game and its new functionalities, you will live an exciting game experience, you will be able to share results and games with your friends while you put your intellectual abilities to the test.

Select your level, beginner, intermediate or expert, and get ready to start clearing the minefield as soon as possible, the faster you get it, the better your score will be and you will be able to enter the “hall of fame” with the best players in the world.

Do not wait more!. Hit the coconut, use your intelligence and logic, and gradually complete the board until you can deactivate all the mines on the board, but be careful: don’t explode any!

Best scores

Our community has been breaking the coconut for months! The best scores achieved by the best players of the new version of the online minesweeper, who have managed to fulfill the objective, finish the board and discover all the mines without any exploding in record time. What are you waiting to beat them?

Beginner Level

Jugador Tiempo

Intermediate level

Jugador Tiempo

Expert level

Jugador Tiempo

Start the online minesweeper challenge

Put your skills to the test, keep your temper and nerves of steel to be able to complete the challenge as soon as possible. The fastest wins!

Don’t wait any longer and start clearing the way until there is not a single mine left on the board, put courage on it, and good luck!

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