Minesweeper world’s record

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More than 3 decades after its creation, being the companion of Microsoft operating systems since the early 90s, there are still many people who continue to play minesweeper, trying to break their own records day after day.

As you already know, the minesweeper’s goal is none other than to discover all the squares on the board, managing not to explode any mines, only then will you be able to deactivate them, but there is also another challenge, to do it in the shortest time possible.

Minesweeper, a competitive sport

During its more than 30 years of existence, the minesweeper has forged a community of players who fight among themselves to be the one who solves it the fastest, and that is still active today.

This competition between community players has even had face-to-face championships such as those held in Budapest, Vienna, the United Kingdom or Munich between 2005 and 2010. Although what has really promoted minesweeper as a sport, are the online competitions that allow anyone to player can aspire to the throne from his own home.

The world record is in just over 30 seconds

It seems practically impossible, but today the world record in the expert minesweeper mode, or minesweeper pro is in 31.133 seconds, achieved by the player of Polish origin, Kamil Muranski in 2010.

The world record is still in force 10 years later, only the Chinese player Ze-En Ju managed to get closer in October 2017 with a mark of 33.7 seconds.

What do you think? Do you see yourself capable of breaking the record and proclaiming yourself world champion? Start showing it:

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