The minesweeper secret goal

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Many will think that the incorporation of the first games to the Microsoft Windows operating system was to show that a personal computer could be, in addition to a work tool, a good method of entertainment and leisure. But the truth is the incorporation of these games such as minesweeper or solitaire had a different objective as its purpose: To become familiar with a new peripheral called a mouse.

Learn playing

The first game incorporated into Windows, in its version 3.0 back in 1990, was solitaire, which apart from showing that it was no longer necessary to have a deck of cards to play a “little game”, was the ideal tool to train players. users with mouse operation.

In addition to helping users with the location of the pointer, it applied all the possible gestures of the mouse, be it the left click, the secondary click with the right button and above all a very important one, the famous drag & drop, essential for become familiar with the windows system that Windows incorporated and that was a before and after in the development of interfaces for operating systems.

Minesweeper, the perfect mouse training

As of version 3.1, released in 1992, Windows incorporates into its entertainment pack one of the most addictive games in history, the minesweeper, which despite its simplicity, required the user to have millimeter precision with the use of the mouse .

Minesweeper not only forces the left and right mouse buttons to be used, it also helps to naturally improve the user’s eye, hand and on-screen cursor ratio.

It should be remembered that until the launch of Windows 3, all existing operating systems to date offered the user little more than a console where to execute commands with the keyboard to perform tasks.

Thanks to games such as minesweeper or solitaire, Windows was able to educate an entire generation in the use of a peripheral that was new at that time and still used today, the mouse.

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