The story of historical game

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The history of the minesweeper is closely linked to Microsoft’s Windows operating system as it was one of the first games to be installed on the interface of this operating system.

Developed by engineer Robert Doner and Curt Johnson in 1989; Minesweeper was one of the flagships of Microsoft, which integrated this title, along with other great games such as Solitaire , in its entertainment pack with which it wanted to show that Windows was not only a work tool but could also be used for leisure.

The game was inspired by previously appeared titles, the influence of games such as Mined-Out (1983, ZX Spectrum) and XMines, Relentless Logic (1987, SunTools) are more than evident, all that inspiration was taking shape and resulted in the game par excellence of the Windows operating system.

From pedagogy to entertainment

Initially and although it is hard to believe, the minesweeper, minesweeper in English, was born with the aim of helping to assimilate and familiarize users with the use of the mouse, helping them to assimilate the movement of the cursor as well as the use of the click of both the left button and the mouse. right button.

What Microsoft engineers could not imagine at the time is that it would end up becoming such a form of entertainment that thousands of users would stay in front of their order looking for mines for hours. In fact, it is said that Bill Gates himself was one of these players addicted to minesweeper, to the point that he requested that it be uninstalled from his computer in order to control his addiction.

Very alive community

Decades after its launch, even today the online minesweeper is still loved by a large number of players, thousands and thousands of users continue to regret that Windows did not integrate this game into the most recent versions of the operating system.

If you are one of these players who misses it, do not suffer, here is the solution: Hit play, and start deactivating mines!

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