How to play minesweeper?

Minesweeper online has three levels of difficulty, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each of these levels has a grid and a specific number of mines:

  • Beginner level: Grid of 9 x 9 cells, where 10 mines are hidden.
  • Intermediate level: 16 x 16 cell grid, where 40 mines are hidden.
  • Advanced Level: Grid 16 x 30 cells, where 99 mines are hidden.

Once you’ve selected the difficulty level, it’s time to start discovering mines.

To start playing, discover any of the gray cells on the game board by clicking on it. If this is not a mine, the grids will unfold, discovering a series of numbers and blank spaces.

In general, in this first play no mine will appear.
The numbers that appear on the grid when the cells are discovered mean the number of mines that touch that square, that is, if you have discovered a two in one of the cells it means that that cell has two mines around it.

Keep in mind that the only clue in the game are the numbers, so you must use your logic and deduction to find out which cell contains a mine and which cell does not.

A good option to help you complete the board is to place a flag once you know for sure that a cell contains a mine. By right clicking with the mouse, this flag will be placed above the cell, this will help you not to forget that the cell contains a mine and will prevent you from clicking on it by mistake, thus preventing it from exploding.

In case you are in doubt, and you are not sure if the cell contains a mine or not, Minesweeper allows you to mark said cell with a question mark so that you can try to deduce what it contains once you have completed other parts of the board.

As you place the flags, next to the time meter used, the mine marker will decrease the amount so that you can know how many mines you have to discover.

If you manage to complete the board and discover all the mines without any exploding, you will be able to review your game statistics, such as the time taken, and save your result.

If you are one of those people who like to overcome challenges, online minesweeper allows you to measure your results and compete with other members of the community.

Wait no more and prove that you are a top minesweeper player, break your own records and enter the hall of fame of the minesweeper community.